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It has been a wild journey since I started consulting in 2006.  Previously, I had worked in leadership roles in the service industry or senior sales positions.  The day it all ended I remember vividly.  It was April 13, 2006...

I entered my place of work and I was met by two members of the executive team who escorted me into our conference room.  It was explained to me my position was eliminated and my services were no longer required.  On the floor in a box was my personal belongings and in front of me on the table was my severance package.  The messengers, who once were friends, had turned into emotionless vessels of information exchange.  I knew it would be fruitless to fight for my position; this chapter of my life had came to a sudden and unexpected end. 

Up until that moment I had always had a job.  Where would I go, what would I do... I was not ready for my new reality.  I called a mentor and he encourage me to take a vacation to clear my head.  Take a vacation... what is that???  I rarely took vacations, as work was my identity.  Finally, I decided to travel to Coast Rica and over the next fourteen days I developed the rough draft of what is now Paradigm Swift.  

Now, in 2020, we deliver corporate training, strategic planning, leadership coaching and business development. I am blessed everyday to be in the role that I am in, and to work with such amazing clients, contemporaries and students.  

I was asked recently what my vision is for Paradigm Swift.  Quite simply, I want the organizations I work with to see how social stewardship, financial solvency and having a quest for emotionally intelligent business relations can coexist for long term success. It takes a level of energy to play in this space, but I have found it is time well invested to concoct that secret sauce for you and your organization.  

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