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Bridge into the Woods

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Emotional Intelligence

Conflict Management

Difficult Conversations

Team Motivation

Creating a Culture

Finding Purpose

Goal Setting

Finding team "Why"

Bridge into the Woods

Strategic Planning


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Bridge into the Woods

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Emotional Intelligence

The ability to be instinctively in tune with your emotions, as well as having sound situational awareness is powerful for any leadership position. During this seminar attendees will learn about the five attributes of EI which include: self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, relationship management and strategic communication. Furthermore, participants will be given an assessment to gauge areas of strength, weakness and strategies to excel.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Participants will learn about inclusion, implicit bias, microaggressions and social justice and how these cornerstones of equity need to be addressed in the places we work. We all do not start at the same place and acknowledging this reality is the first step towards progress. During our training we will address questions: How are diverse perspectives included in important decisions? Have we created workplaces where people feel like they can “show up” authentically? How can we be an ally?


Embracing Time

It is time to get in charge of your time. In our interactive seminar we will help you identify time wasters, establish healthy habits, create boundaries, embrace the words “No” and “Help.” You will learn that multi-tasking is inefficient, and brainstorming does not glean the best results. For no other reason sign up for this seminar to learn about how your “Pomodoro” can help you take back control, so you can enjoy quality time.


Project Management

Project management is an art as much as a science. During this training attendees will learn how to develop a statement of work, work breakdown structure, RACI, critical path, Gannt Chart, Budget and risk assessment. In lockstep we will explore communication style, conflict assessment, Kotter’s Eight Steps, and the Johari Window as it pertains to project management frameworks.


Why All The Conflict

When one considers six generational needs, gender inequality, cultural clashes, power dynamics, microaggressions, and implicit biases occurring in nearly every workplace conflict is inevitable. If workplace conflict is foreseeable how do you approach it constructively over destructively? During this seminar attendees will learn strategies to respectfully and empathetically approach conflicts that they often avoid.


Changing the Game

This training will equip attendees with the tools to understand change, guide employees through a change, gain commitment, recognizing points or resistance, and techniques to energize your community to embrace the change. As a trainer who is Prosci certified, we will be looking at the ADKAR model which provides the contemporary methodologies for lasting change.


Finding Pupose

During this training we will work to help each employee answer that longing for deeper meaning and impact. Attendees will experience several exercises to find their purpose, to motivate those around them, and to put their efforts toward truly serving their internal and external customers. If your team needs this kind of jumpstart this training is best suited for your organization.


Challenging Dialogs

During this training you will learn the art of managing dynamic conversations from being destructive to becoming a constructive exchange of thought. This seminar is crafted to assist you in approaching difficult conversations with confidence. You will learn how to skillfully manage expectations, keep explosive emotional swings in check, and keep the organizations best interests front and center.


All Stressed Out

During this seminar attendees will develop their personal “Wheel of Life” diagrams and find ways to balance their wheels. We will also discuss the three stages of stress, our hard-wired ways to approach stress, and where companies are losing out in the larger picture. All participants will take a stress assessment and explore areas of opportunity.


Mastering Facilitation

Presenting is one-way dialog whereas facilitation establishes a community sharing environment. The strategies we will explore range from pre-work, the way the room is staged, delivering content, activities during the event and creating a feedback process. During this seminar you will learn how to motivate participants to bring an active voice into the room and feel as if their time was not wasted when the meeting is over.


Harrassment and Discrimination

Attendees will receive a clear line of sight to the differences between quid pro quo, hostile working environments, indirect harassment, third party and chilly climate. We will also discuss during this training microaggressions, fraternization and favoritism. We will conclude the session assisting attendees how to recognize, prevent and put an action plan in place to prevent workplace discrimination, harassment and retaliation.


The Fire Inside

This training will give you tools to select and nurture motivated talent by using contemporary and unorthodox approaches. While helping others ignite their personal inspirations, managers learn how to shift their own motivations, so everyone is more engage, excited and jazzed about coming to the places they do their craft. By the end of the training attendees usually uncover an additional lesson about themselves.

Forest Suspensionn Bridge

Executive Coaching

Link individual effectiveness with overall organizational success; demonstrating personal and organizational gains.

Managing with a strategic lens, helping your organization attract and retain exceptional leaders who are prepared to exceed operating results.

Explore ways to raise both individual and overall performance as a team.

Provide contingency plans for the bumpy road of today’s accelerated business pace, even during times of intense innovation and change.

Forest Suspensionn Bridge

 During this training  participants will explore creative networking, strategic volunteering , finding a mentor, tactical social media presence, the art of thank you cards, leveraging your personal brand, uncovering your true strengths, navigating the interview and how to negotiate an offer letter. To be a finalist for your dream career this training should not be missed. It comes down to how many cups of coffee you want to consume.



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